what the f*ck is the digital cult?

THE DIGITAL CULT stands for inspiration for those that are passionate about the digital world.  Exploring new TECHNOLOGY and those that are changing the world.  Digital CULTURE within all global cultures.  The connectivity of BUSINESS and consumers, as the Internet of Things rules society. SOCIAL MEDIA that is now apart of the digital all, for almost everyone, and everything, everywhere.

THE DIGITAL CULT is the ultimate authority on the ideas that are changing our world. We don’t just inform about digital – we ignite inspiration around the ideas. We strive to deliver content never heard before, in a manner never written.

THE DIGITAL CULT fiercely obsesses a better future.  

Lara Roberts, the founder of The Digital Cult, has worked with some of the most amazing Global Brands that affect the cultures of the world everyday.  A former Digital Marketing Director for Converse, Lara was honored to be a part of one of the most socially followed brands on the planet (and the number #1 most sold sneaker globally, the Chuck Taylor).  Later,  for Nike, she was one of a small task force that launched full Nike.com businesses globally, initially going live in 27 countries in under 11 months, on 6 continents.  Lara was also responsible for Nike’s traffic driving through performance marketing, as well as demand creation for Nike.com’s Global Store.  She now lives in Hong Kong, still traveling globally, and works for numerous iconic brands such as Timberland, The North Face, Vans, Kipling, Lee, and Nautica, to drive strategy for their ecommerce businesses.

The views expressed by The Digital Cult are personal and independent, and NOT reflective of ANY brand, direction or strategy of any specific ecommerce business.